Simon’s All in One Stretch

If you are training for a Spring marathon, be it London, Paris, Brighton or other smaller but no-less worthy events, then treat yourself like the athlete that you are and get a runners MOT with Simon Heale.

At this stage of your training you will be entering the start of the slog, putting yourself through a lot of strain and fatigue. Elite athletes get treated daily to enable them to maintain performance and flexibility, so why not take a leaf out of their book and train healthily and not punishingly.

You can avoid and treat typical running related injuries such as Runners Knee, Achilles Tendonitis, Gluteal and hip pain through regular massage, guided stretching, Pilates based exercises, foam rolling and correct training scheduling.

Simon is currently treating marathoners and ultra-marathoners using Sports Massage, Acupuncture, Hypnotherapy, K-Tape, Pilates and general common sense advice including having regular cold showers or cold baths.

Generally Simons advice is to have a massage the day or a few days after your longest run or if you have niggles then before your heaviest session, also to look at how you spend your day, what other activities are affecting your posture, your mind, your running.

You want to get to the line, to the start, so theres no point knackering yourself in training, or running your best run a month before the start. Simon can get you to the line in a physically ready and mentally sharp condition.

Simon has run 8 London Marathons as well as several other big city races, including London 2 Brighton, Two Oceans ultra and  both the up and down  Comrades Marathon in South Africa.His extensive knowledge of running injuries, training preparation and maintenance tips will insure you train effectively and healthily.

To get your runners MOT or for any advice please call Simon on 07932 393972 or email him on

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