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Meditation and Mindfulness Classes for All Crouch End London N8

Mindfulness can change your life

Discover how Mindfulness and the Mindfulness Based Stress reduction course can make a significant change in your relationships and your life.

There is so much written and published either in print or on visual media on mindfulness at the moment that it has become quite the fad. As a mindfulness teacher, practitioner and coach i am to de-fad the practice, to create a learning environment that simplifies the complexities involved in order to establish an enduring life skill. You can read all you want, but ultimately its about sitting everyday with all of your stuff and just watch it all come and go. Then you can take that experience and awareness into the next moment of your day.

Simon Heale

Simon Heale

Meditation / Mindfulness

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Online Meditation Classes for All: Fridays 6-630pm

These sessions began at the beginning of lockdown with the intention of providing a 30 minute haven of stillness through simple guided practices based on the Insight tradition. Each session is recorded so you can still access it and practice later. All recordings make their way onto The Snowglobe Project podcast   

Dates:      Fridays at 6-630pm

Prices:    £7 per session OR  £58 for 10 

Payment guarantees a recording if you cannot make the session

To join in these meditations please email me here saying which days you would like to be put on.

If you would like to learn to meditate or to deepen your practice then these short weekly sessions will serve you well.

Don’t believe a word about Mindfulness: Just do it: an online introduction to Mindfulness, meditation and the 8 week MBSR training with Simon Heale

There has been and continues to be a vast amount written on mindfulness. Mindfulness is not a new fad, it has been around as an idea and practice for several millennia, but only written about by the Buddha’s followers after his death. In my brief stint on this earth so far, i have found a very helpful and healthy piece of advice to be: Don’t believe it, just do it and experience it. So it is with mindfulness, don’t believe what is written, you need to sit and do it to get it.

In this 90 minute introduction class we will explore meditation, mindfulness and the 8 week MBSR training We will try to get to grips with how and why our minds work, not by discussion, but by sitting, breathing and exploring our own experiences, in other words through meditation.

You will leave with enough to start a daily practice, the key to any potential change, as well as an idea if you would like to partake in the 8 week MBSR training the gold standard of mindfulness courses for anyone needing to be with anxiety, stress, unworkable habits and behaviours in a more flexible and healthier way.

To book your place on the next 90 minute online introduction email here.

Date: tbc
Prices: £20 (concessions are available, please just ask)











To reserve your place please email Simon