Mindfulness Classes for All

Mindfulness Classes for All Crouch End London N8

Mindfulness can change your life

Discover how Mindfulness and the Mindfulness Based Stress reduction course can make a significant change in your relationships and your life.

There is so much written and published either in print or on visual media on mindfulness at the moment that it has become quite the fad. As a mindfulness teacher, practitioner and coach i am to de-fad the practice, to create a learning environment that simplifies the complexities involved in order to establish an enduring life skill. You can read all you want, but ultimately its about sitting everyday with all of your stuff and just watch it all come and go. Then you can take that experience and awareness into the next moment of your day.

Simon Heale

Simon Heale

Meditation / Mindfulness

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Meditation Classes for All

These weekly classes on a  Thursday evening are for anyone wanting to learn more about meditation and Mindfulness or for those more experienced meditators who want to practice in a group setting.

The meditations will vary each week, not wholly Mindfulness based, drawing from all forms of the traditions and practices and influenced by individual or group needs. Each week will contain a theme and a specific mindfulness meditation practice. By the end of each 5 week block you will have an understanding of what practices suit you best, how meditation works for you and hopefully how you can apply your learning to areas of your life.

Course Details:

Evening Meditation Class

Starts Thu 19th April 2018

Cost: Special Offer £55 for a block of 5 weeks

Or £13 drop-in

To reserve your place please email Simon