Dominic Morris – Core Process Psychotherapy

Dominic Morris – Core Process Psychotherapy

Counselling & Psychotherapy at Core Health Suite (free initial session)

Would you (or someone you know), like confidential support to help you:

  • feel less anxious, and understand what feeds your worry
  • gain clarity on difficult life challenges and decisions
  • reduce dependence on friends, partners or family for emotional support

There may be other reasons you think counselling could help you. Sometimes it feels difficult to name a problem other than a felt sense of unease, or that life is not the way you would like it to be right now.

Dominic Morris, who lives locally, is registered with the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy as a Psychotherapist in training & clinical practice. He is completing a 4 year Master’s Degree (MA) in Core Process Psychotherapy, and is also an experienced Mindfulness teacher.

Core Process Psychotherapy combines understanding from western psychology and neuroscience, with a contemplative foundation of compassion and awareness. It holds the perspective that at our core is an inherent health and wellbeing, which can become obscured by the circumstances of our lives, and how we have shaped ourselves in order to receive love, gain acceptance, or deal with situations.

Dominic sees his role as providing a robust and genuine relationship of care, to develop your capacity for self-acceptance and self-understanding. This can help you go beyond present barriers, and move forward with greater trust and confidence in yourself.

Dominic offers a free initial consultation session.

Email Corehealth  for more information and referral to Dominic Morris