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What is Reflexology? Reflexology is based on the premise that all of the body’s major organs are connected by nerve endings to various points on the body. By applying pressure on these points, impulses are transmitted and we are able to stimulate the corresponding body part and assist the body in its own ability to heal.

Reflexology in the west is based on Zone Theory, zones being the equivalent to the meridians of Chinese Traditional medicine with the reflexes being mapped out accordingly. The principle uniting Chinese Reflexology with western Reflexology is that in order for the body to be in optimum health, the energy in the body must be free flowing. Massaging or pressing specific points can balance the energy zones, clear blockages and stimulate the flow of energy, blood, nutrients and nerve impulses to the corresponding area.




Halina High

Reflexolgist, Nutritional Therapist and Massage Therapist

Halina is a highly experienced Reflexologist, Massage Therapist and Nutritional Therapist with over 25 years in professional practice.

Current price: 60 minutes    £65

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Halina 07966 284729

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Reflexology at Corehealth with Halina High

Reflexology begins and ends with a foot massage but in between that, the treatment involves careful and systematic stimulation of points on your feet that correspond to other parts of your body.

Why should you do this, apart from just because it feels fabulous?

Reflexology is known to help you relax.

If you can switch off your fight or flight hormones and get into your para-sympathetic nervous system, then you are on the path of better health and wellness.

When you are stressed, you are in the sympathetic nervous system and your body produces particular hormones that get you ready for running away from danger or fighting.  But unless you are are in actual, acute danger, this state is not helpful.  Turning off stress allows for good digestion, excellent fertility and healing and rejuvenation of all your body parts.  This is especially important if you are doing a lot of training or sport, or are dealing with recovery from an accident or illness.  It also can help improve the quality of your sleep or recovery from jet lag.


I have been suffering from anxiety and digestive complaints for a long time since the break up of a relationship.  Having regular sessions of reflexology has allowed me time to feel better about my situation and generally feel more positive

Brian, Hampstead

I travel a lot to the West coast of the US and previously found the jet lag unbearable when returning home.  Halina has really made a difference in how quickly I am back sleeping normally and feeling good!

Dasha, Kensington

Having regular reflexology during my last pregnancy really made a difference to how well I felt, especially while I was still working.

Jane, Chelsea

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Normal price £65

Treatment time is 1 hour

Further info on reflexology

Foot Reflexology The feet are a particularly receptive area to work on due to there being over 7,000 nerve endings in this area. During a foot reflexology treatment, gentle pressure is applied to the reflexes on the feet in order to rebalance body systems and induce a relaxation response.

Good for

  • Back Pain
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Nervousness
  • Insomnia
  • Muscle Injury
  • Stress/Tension
  • Neck Pain
  • Chronic Pain
  • Poor Circulation

For enquiries about Reflexology at Corehealth:
Halina Osinski-High   07966 284729