Health, Wellness and Vitality Programmes


How long are your standard coaching programmes?

8-10 weeks


My 3 levels of 1:1 programmes and the fees for each:

Silver:             4 weeks                     £290 (-Jan 24)          £360 (Jan 24-)

Gold:              8 weeks                     £600       “                    £680

Platinum:        10 weeks                 £680                             £780


Short Re-boot programmes 

Health and Energy Kickstart          4 week          

Re-boot, re energise, re-set           6 week


Group Programmes Explained

My initial group programmes will be:

FREE 45 minute Health and Energy Review  for schools INSET training, 

4 week Health and Energy Kickstart course: or Reboot, Revitalise and Re-Shape

4 week or 30 day programme covering the BSB principles, meal plans and various coaching tools:

Cost: £80-90 PP