On Saturday 27th May i ran the 100km or 60 mile London to Brighton trail run. It wasnt pretty, there were a lot of different terrains to cope with, long hills, and long gaps between the aid stations. All of this made the experience an extremely challenging one both physically and mentally. But as i have always found and continue to remind myself: time goes and no matter how poor one is feeling you will move through it and you will survive the day.

I am not a quick runner anymore, I used to do 37 minute 10k’s and was a 3:20 marathoner, but i now ‘enjoy’ exploring going long, which brings with it different challlenges. It doesnt matter though what the distance is, you still need to treat yourself as if you are a professional athlete.

If you are training for Summer 1/2 marathons, 10k’s, marathons, tri’s or longer then look after yourself like an athlete.

I have been treating runners and athletes of all levels for over 20 years and running marathons for longer. No matter who i see i always start with the maxim:

“TREAT YOURSELF LIKE AN ATHLETE”, no matter what your goal, experience, age or level, if you take care of every aspect of yourself, as if you had a team around you, then you will improve your longevity as an athlete. So this means:

I can help you tailor your training, your nutrition plan to either get you to the start line or to get you reaching your target.

I can help with whatever injuries or niggles you have, through deep tissue massage, fascial release (the painful bit), acupuncture and advice through bitter personal experience.

Check out my hysterical shorts and stretches here.

If you love to run, swim or cycle and you want to continue for as long as possible, then invest in yourself, not just your kit, bike or shoes. Treat yourself well and your body will look after you.

As a special Summer offer i am offering anyone training for a Summer race: 10k, marathon or half £10 off an hours treatment, so thats £50 for an hours treatment. BARGAIN!!

To book an appointment or for any advice please contact me through the contact boxes.

Simon Heale : Sports Therapist