Every Thursday evening at Corehealth Simon Heale will be holding weekly low-cost meditation classes for anyone wishing to discover more helpful ways to be with the stuff of life.

These classes are aimed at adults costing £13 and students for £5.

With exam season on the horizon we would like to encourage all students to attend and skill themselves up to deal with the upcoming studies and exams.

Meditation and mindfulness practiced regularly develops awareness and a change of relationship with thoughts, feelings and physical sensations. This awareness leads to a greater emotional and psychological freedom and control.

Each class will teach basic meditation practices as well as daily coping strategies. Audio files of each meditation will be provided as part of the class

Please don’t take our word for it, come and try it.

Try this free 3 minute meditation. This is how simple it can be.

When:        Thursdays 7-8pm

Where:      Corehealth

Cost:          £13 adults or £50 for course of 5 classes  and £5

for students

To book your place on the course email us here or call Simon on 07932 393972.

Format:  The classes are for anyone interested in learning more about Meditation, how to do it and what it can be useful for. They are also for more experienced meditators, a chance to regularly deepen their practice.

What kind of Meditation:  I am a Mindfulness teacher and coach and this is what i have learned to practice, however i firmly believe that meditation is meditation, an opportunity to listen in to what is there and not be tempted to change it, to give ourselves a break moment to moment. The practices we will be doing will explore the mindfulness traditions as well as the many other meditations that exist, a smorgas bord if you like, but enough to keep the experienced people entertained and the novices among us enthused.

To book your place and the block of 5 deal, please email me now here