On May 19th Corehealth will again be providing Free Sports Massages to all runners of the Crouch End 10k. this will be the 6th year of being the official provider. Corehealth is proud to be supporting this fabulous community event. If you are not running you can still get a treatment but with a small donation to the therapist, providing the queue of runners isnt too long.

You still have time to get a discounted treatment with Simon Heale, the head Sports Therapist at Corehealth. Simon is an experienced therapist and specialises now in running and sport related injuries. As a runner himself, he is experienced in the day to day management of injuries, and thrives on educating athletes, for that is what we all can be, into self-care. He now employs various psychological methods to ‘get runners to the line’ whatever the goal is, including Mindfulness and ACT.

happy running…..