Rooms to Hire

Treatment and Studio Room Rent in Crouch End

Our studio is Crouch End is available to rent
At Corehealth we currently have availability for practitioners and teachers looking to let / hire the therapy, treatment or consulting room as well as the main studio space. We have one multi-purpose treatment room at the clinic, which is set-up primarily for body work and physical treatments as it has a hydraulic couch. However, the room is flexible enough to be used for the more verbal of therapies such as counselling, life coaching, hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and NLP.

The room is availble to rent on a 4-5 hour minimum slot basis, which is a reduced and reasonable rate and includes web-site presence and on-site marketing. It is also available on an ad-hoc basis, but at a higher rent.
Included in your rent are towels, bed-roll and cleaning. there is no reception and all practitioners take their own bookings.

If you are looking to hire / let therapy / treatment or consulting rooms then do please feel free to contact us at or calling 020 8347 8808.

Studio Space to Rent
If you are an instructor or teacher looking for a peaceful, popular, and growing space then Corehealth is for you. As a studio and clinic promoting slow-health, we encourage all forms of slow practices: Pilates, Yoga, Feldenkrais, Tai Chi, Chi Gong and Mindfulness and we currently have space for more teachers and disciplines. The rates are very competitive and the space is large enough for a decent sized class yet not too impersonal.

if you are interested in looking at the studio please email us at or call us on 020 8347 8808