Performance & Presentation Coaching Crouch End N8, North London

Treatment: Hypnotherapy
Practitioner: Simon Heale
Phone: 07932 393972
Location: 174 Weston Park, Crouch End, London N8 9PN

What is performance coaching?

Have you ever been so nervous about a future event that you ended up performing well below your expectations or standards?

Did your performance affect a possible job, contract or promotion? What got in the way of achieving that PB?

Whether it was a job interview, a meeting, a presentation, a performance, a game or a race you still allowed your fears and anxieties to sabotage your true potential.

Our performance coaching guides you to understanding where the saboteurs come from, how to deal with them on a day to day basis, and thirdly how to tap into the power, promise and potential peak performer that is in you.

What is presentation coaching?

Do you need to be more inspiring?

To give a presentation in a more compelling, engaging or motivational way?

To be more empathetic, driving, imaginative, visionary or authoritative?

An extension of the Performance Coaching, Presentation Coaching aims to guide you to be able to present in a more impactful, compelling and authentic way. Whether you need to work on your voice, posture, approach or even content, we aim to coach you to discover the true presenter in you, to understand the fears, doubts and internal critics that hamper you as well as teaching essential presentational techniques and skills.

Who can use this?

Performance coaching is for anyone who is needing to unlock their true voice and is striving to develop the self and grow. Through a mix of therapeutic interventions (NLP, Hypnotherapy, CBT), Body-Mind awareness, voice work, acting and presentation skills, performance coaching will take you wherever you feel you deserve to be, to achieve what you feel what you can and need to achieve.

You don’t have to only present to benefit from performance coaching. The lessons, skills and techniques you will explore and inhabit will apply not only in other areas of your work life: in meetings and one to one situations, but also in your day to day approach to life.

The benefits

Improved presence. Improved presentational skills. Leading and presenting with authenticity. Exploration of your inner fears, critics and doubts. Establishing your inner coach.

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Daily use audio support provided.