Mindfulness for Teens: the .b Method

The .b Method

or Mindfulness training for teenagers and young adults


What is the .b Method

.b stands for “Stop, Breathe and Be.” This 9 lesson course uses striking visuals, activities, and video to bring the classic mindfulness training to a younger audience.

Who is it for:

.b has been designed for children of 11-18. It is usually taught by teachers in a classroom setting, or outside of school in a group format.

The taster sessions are for parents, teachers and children to experience mindfulness, how it can help and are an introduction to the .b method

What can I get from the course:

.b aims to give the students mindfulness as a life skill:

  • To feel happier, calmer and more fulfilled
  • To improve relationships and relationship building
  • To improve learning and concentration
  • To help deal with stress and anxiety
  • To perform better in music, sport and other activities that matter to you.

How can I learn it:

The course may be offered by your school or through independent mindfulness teachers such as myself in your local area. Run over 9 weeks in a group format using a multitude of learning tools, audio-visual aids, providing you with life-skills not just short term techniques.

Mindfulness in Schools Project:

Is a not for profit organisation dedicated to encourage, support and research the teachings of mindfulness in schools and for young peoples.

Next Courses in 2015

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