How to Quit Smoking – The Smoke Free System


Designed to help and support you in achieving your goal of being the non-smoker you want to be.
(Please consult your GP before undergoing any smoking cessation porgramme)

The ‘Smoke-Free System’ includes the ‘Smoke free support’ clips (4-9) designed to provide you with a daily dose of much needed support during your process of quitting smoking. These six short clips, each created to provide specific reinforcement, advice, support, motivation as well as relaxation to be used on a daily basis, until you feel you can face the day unaided as a non smoker. As with the other clips in the Smoke-Free System, the Smoke-Free Suppor Clips functions optimally when used on a daily basis.

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1. Fit to Quit Intro | 1:03 min | Free Download

2. Fit to Quit | 6:04 min | Free Download

Fit To Quit has been designed to help you to know whether you are ready or not to quit smoking. The three core parts of Fit To Quit are:1. What are the main reasons why you want to be a non-smoker? 2. Deciding on a start date. 3. Deciding on your reward. You need to listen to Fit To Quit everyday as often as you can for up to a week.

3. Time to Quite | 16:04 min

Time To Quit has been specifically designed to follow Fit To Quit to help you become the non smoker you want to be. It takes you through a gentle and relaxing induction to reinforce and cement your reasons for becoming the non-smoker. This is not a hypnotic process and you are in total control throughout. For Time To Quit to be truly effective you must listen to the clip everyday for one week. Please remember that what you are undertaking is not an easy process, there is no magic bullet, if you really want to be a non smoker then you will need to put effort, time and commitment into it. The satisfaction you will gain from achieving this goal, will stay with you for the rest of your life and can spur you onto further successes.

4. Smoke-Free Daily Reinforcer | 6:15 min

This recording is designed for daily, regular use to help you stay a non-smoker. For you to listen to reinforce why you want to be a non-smoker, to remind you of your reasons for quitting and to keep your motivation high. I recommend listening to this whenever you feel the urge to smoke, combined with the three breath process, you will feel the urge pass and will be able to carry on smoke-free.

5. Congratulations | 11:55 min | Free Download

You are a non-smoker and you deserve praise. The decision you have made to quit smoking needs to be praised and in this clip you have an opportunity to get that praise and to reinforce further the reasons why you are now a non-smoker, to further motivate you to keep you on track to being the permanent non-smoker you want to be.

6. Liberation | 5:13 min

If I can describe the habit of smoking as a wall on your life path. Now your wall may have been a low one, easy to step over, perhaps it was high enough for you to look over at your path, or maybe it was so big and imposing that you were unable to see what lay in front of you, stuck behind this large obstacle. In this clip you have the opportunity to dismantle your wall and to clear the way for you to get back on your path to achieving whatever it is you want at this time.

7. Resources | 5:59 min

You are now a non-smoker and this shows that you have within you the means or resources to maintain this and reach your desired goal. In this clip I will help you tap into your inner potential and resources to enable you to achieve further challenges and goals. Through guided breath-work and visualisation you will be able to access your power, your true potential.

8. Supporting Yourself | 6:54 min

This clip is a combination of daily reminders and reinforcing techniques as well as a look at how you can give yourself as much support during your smoking cessation programme. This is the time to take care of yourself, to provide yourself with sensible nutrition, sensible exercise as well as any other areas of life where you feel you deserve due care and attention.

9. Connections | 5:40 min

No matter how long you have smoked and no matter how long you have been a non-smoker in the past you have created connections and associations between the act of smoking and any number of activities and behaviours. As long as these connections remain strong and continue to hold the power you will never be permanently free. In this clip you will get the chance to begin to break your associations with smoking. Now as this is usually a behavioural trigger I will give you a simple technique to help you break whatever connections still remain, whenever you need to.

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