Back Care – Crouch End N8, North London

For those with back concerns, a treatment approach or programme would be specifically tailored to meet your needs which will typically be Pilates-based entirely or a combination of Pilates with a more physical therapeutic treatment such as Remedial massage or CST.

Practitioner: Simon Heale
Phone: 07932 393972
Location: 174 Weston Park, Crouch End, London N8 9PN

The Treatment

The initial consultation will involve taking a case history and discussing any treatment or therapies already undertaken and doing a postural assessment to consider where any imbalances may lie. From here we can work through a course of action appropriate to the individual.

We of course, wish to focus not only on the alleviation of discomfort but also strengthening and stabilising of the spine creating safe, yet effective exercise programmes for the back pain sufferer.

The combination of both Pilates and deep tissue bodywork provides you with one of the best approaches to both relieve and release muscular conditions. There is also the knowledge that the individual can start to take charge of their own recovery by beginning exercises that can help strengthen and tone and therefore may help slow down the frequency of lower back discomfort.

We are also happy to recommend other therapies that may be suitable to your needs.

The Benefits

The back needs to be strong and stable as it is the central pivot to the body but it is the abdominal muscles and those around the spine that provide the source for this stabilisation. We therefore concentrate on finding and engaging deep, core muscles, which are vital to this process.

Pilates based exercises are particularly suitable for those with intermittent back pain, where we can work towards an ‘ease’ of movement, with slow, gentle exercises that can also be practised at home.