Core Health - Pilates and Health Treatments Crouch End, London N8

Running Repairs with Simon Heale

Classes Timetable

7.00pm Pilates (Beginners) Dianne
8.00pm Pilates (All) Dianne

11.00am Pilates (Experienced) Lorraine
2.15pm Senior Pilates         Lorraine
5.30pm Pilates (Beginners) Simon
7.25pm Pilates (Experienced)  Lorraine

7.35am Pilates  (Beg/Int)             Simon
10.30am Pilates (All/Mod)       Lorraine
6.50pm Pilates (All)        Lorraine

7.00pm Pilates (Intermediate) Lorraine
8.00pm Pilates (Intermediate) Lorraine

10.45am Pilates (All) Lorraine

9.45am Pilates (Beginners) Tina

Crouch End Pilates & Health Treatments

Corehealth has been serving Crouch End and the wider community since 2005 having been established by Pilates teacher Lorraine Croft and Sports and Performance Therapist Simon Heale.

At Corehealth we see and treat issues such as acute and chronic back conditions, postural problems, sports injuries, work and lifestyle issues, stress related illness, pre- and post-pregnancy health, and general wellbeing.

Whatever your concern is at this time, Corehealth will find the right class, approach or treatment to suit not just your needs but also your budget.

Lorraine Croft

Lorraine Croft

Phone: 07932 456494

Simon Heale

Simon Heale

Phone: 07932 393972 Email:

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