Health and Wellbeing


A selections of recordings to improve your health and wellbeing. On purchase you will automatically receive a link to download the file. All MP3s are iPod compatible and DRM free.


1. Daily Wind Down | 10:15 min

Daily Wind Down is a comprehensive recording to help and teach you how to create a calm and focussed transition between work and the rest of your life. Through guided breath-work, visualisation and cognitive re-framing Daily Wind Down will help you to re-focus on what is truly important to you, leaving you relaxed, re-energised and more fulfilled at the end of your working day. Sleep Easy is a great complement to Daily Wind Down helping you to get the restful and restorative sleep you deserve.

2. Anxiety Release | 13:27 min

Anxiety Release combines deep relaxation techniques, guided meditation and cognitive processes to help you not only to truly calm, but also to educate your mind and body into how anxiety can take hold and how you have the resources to combat it. Comined with the Daily Anxiety Release, Anxiety Release will give you the resources you need to combat the stressors you are facing in your life, to re-frame them and ultimately take charge of how you respond to both the internal and external influences.

3. Daily Anxiety Release | 5:51 min | Free Download

Daily Anxiety Release is a short clip designed to reinforce your inner resources and abilities to combat stress and anxiety. Listen to this clip whenever you feel that knot in your gut appear and soon you will know how to deal with stress and anxiety calmly and effectively.

4. Daily Relaxation | 5:32 min | Free Download

Daily Relaxation is a short clip to help you literally relax both mentally and physically and to focus you on what you need to do.

5. Full Mind and Body Relaxation | 14:42 min

Full Mind and Body is a long recording combining progressive relaxation techniques, visualisation and breath-work. Similar to guided meditation, Full Mind and Body will leave you feeling deeply relaxed, re-energised and fully present.

6. Morning All Final | 8:45 min

Morning All is the perfect way to prepare you both mentally and physically for whatever it is the day holds for you. Whether it is a difficult meeting, presentation or an ongoing stressful situation, Morning All will help you focus and calm your mind and prepare yourself physically to approach the challenge in your day.

7. Breathe Easy | 11:20 min | Free Download

Breathe Easy teaches you very simple yet extremely powerful deep breathing techniques to help you relax, focus and re-energise on a daily basis. Breath-work is the basis of all effective relaxation, meditation and hypno-therapuetic processes, in Breathe Easy these processes are included to give you the resources you can use for the rest of your life.

8. Confidence Booster | 5:00 min | Free Download

Confidence Booster is a tool to remind you of your own value, your qualities and resources that you can use to achieve what you want. Confidence is enhanced when you relax physically and focus mentally, and like the domino effect the more you practice these processes the more your confidence levels will grow.