Our new Holistic and Sport Massage therapist is Luca Fiorilli.

He will be available Mon to Sundays by request.

I came to massage therapies not because I want to “fix someone” but because I want to support the various needs of my clients in order for them to make effective changes. In my work as a massage therapist I try to address the person in a comprehensive way. There is a powerful communication between the mind and the body which I believe is essential. My role is to facilitate this process at every level and for every client.

Holistic and Sport massage and sport-remedial massage are two of the skills which enable me to understand how to assist clients. I like to tailor the massage for and with each individual client, working to relax the whole body, stretch the tight fascia and invigorate the muscle tone. Holistic massage is generally a full body treatment. Sport massage is more directed towards a specific area always keeping mind the whole body. I am also trained in trigger point therapy, myofascial release and deep tissue massage.

Holistic and Sport massage:

-relaxes taut muscles;

-aids lymphatic drainage;

-releases toxins;

-alleviates pain

-improves flexibility and athletic performance

-benefits the “whole” in many other positive ways.

Life coaching and massage I do believe that we never address only the body or the mind: we address the whole psyche at all levels and at all times.

For this reason, to further strengthen my holistic approach, I deliver life and leadership coaching (Psychosynthesis approach) in a range of situations which is complimentary to my work as a therapist. I’m also training as a psychotherapist at CCPE In London.

We can arrange a specific kind of massage session my massage sessions in which I like to follow the client: the kind of touch, the pace and the depth of conversation are different in every situation.

This approach benefits both me as the therapist and you as the client creating a unique partnership leading to a sense of physical and mental well-being.

Mobile: 07951139235

Email: lucaholisticmassage@gmail.com

Availability: Monday-Sunday.


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