About Us

Corehealth has been serving Crouch End and the wider community since 2005 having been established by Pilates teacher Lorraine Croft and Sports and Performance Therapist Simon Heale.

At Corehealth we see and treat issues such as acute and chronic back conditions, postural problems, sports injuries, work and lifestyle issues, stress related illness, pre- and post-pregnancy health, and general wellbeing.
Whatever your concern is at this time, Corehealth will find the right class, approach or treatment to suit not just your needs but also your budget.

The Studio

Our new studio is a bright and comfortable space for Pilates 1-1s and Pilates classes of different levels. We now also have Feldenkrais, Chi Kung and Yoga as well as other classes and courses. The studio is fully equipped with mats and other small equipment.

Treatment Suite

Our therapists provide a wide range of quality treatments, dealing with issues such as back and neck care, pre and post natal care, exercise and sports Injuries, mind and body healing, stress: effects and recovery, diet and nutrition, work-related health, personal and career challenges.
All of our practitioners and teachers are highly experienced, qualified and insured.

The Corehealth Philosophy

At Corehealth we offer a range of classes and treatments to encourage and demonstrate the practice of Slow Health.
Slow Health is just that: living life at a slower, more restful, less pressured pace. In practice this means not only bringing in slower exercise regimes such as Pilates or Feldenkrais, but learning how to take better care and responsibility for our lives through our extensive range of treatments including the gentle art of Mindfulness Meditation.
At Corehealth we believe that we can all enjoy a more fulfilling life, whether at work, at play or at home, by recognising the need to slow down a little, to take the foot off the pedal and develop a moment to moment awareness.

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